LID LOAD - Gold Eyelid Implants

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Gold Eyelid Implants  


A superior medical and cosmetic solution in the treatment of Lagophthalmus.


Lid Loads are thin, precisely tapered, contoured gold weights that assist patients with lagophthalmus to close their eyelid. When implanted the Lid Load adds sufficient weight to allow gravity to pull the eye closed.


Lid Load can be implanted using local anesthetic without the need for a hospital stay.


The surgical success rate is reported to be greater than 92% with a very low complication rate*.


Patient recovery is rapid, providing an immediately functional eyelid and restoration of tear film distribution to the cornea.


Beneficial results are immediately evident to the patient. With near normal blink function restored, patient acceptance and satisfaction is high. The restoration of tear film gives patient relief from the symptoms of dry eyes.


Tantalum Sizing Set: (for determine the right weight of the implant).


Each set contains 7 of the most commonly used tantalum test weights(0,6 g to 1,8 g). The sizes are readily identified with the gram weight embossed on the outer surface.



*     "Eyelid Reanimation for the Treatment of Paralytic Lagophthalmus: Historical Perspectives and current Applications of the Gold Implant", Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Vol. 8, No 3, pp. 196 - 201, 1992, Dr. Daniel Townsend.






Product Sizes








Tantalum Sizing Set



Each Set includes 7 weights:

0.6g, 0.8g, 1.0g,

1.2g, 1.4g, 1.6g, 1.8g

Lid Load Adhesive Strips,

Custom wooden case.

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